C4EO College Scholarship Program


    The purpose is to recognize and assist C4EO dance students with financial aid as they

    enter college.


    Dance Students who are active and in good standing upon graduation from high

    school and are entering in an accredited college program in the fall. Board members will

    determine eligibility and whether the students are in good standing or not.

    Scholarship Amount:

    Upon graduation from high school, dance students who are entering a

    college program will receive up to $300.00 based on their tenure with C4EO.

    Vesting Schedule:

    100% 6+ years

    80% 5 years

    60% 4 years

    40% 3 years

    20% 2 years

    Dance students may retain their vesting credits if they leave C4EO as long as they are a current

    active member for at least one year upon graduation.